Safer together.


PrepAIR is communication.

First and foremost, PrepAIR is about bringing users together - users from all paths of aviation, regardless of age or experience, communicating and connected like never before.


PrepAIR is community.

We have so much to learn from each other, and too often we focus only on the individual parts we play - our own checklists, our own voice. So much more than isolated pieces of a puzzle, aviation is a community connected through an often surprising number of ways. Let us show you the benefits of membership in our unique community.


PrepAIR is commitment.

Challenge yourself - through new connections and improved communication with other industry users, your commitment to prepare will create safer skies.  


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27 April 2019


6 April 2019


11 may 2019

Two monologues do not make a dialogue.
— Thomas Daly
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