Two monologues do not make a dialogue.
— Jeff Daly

 Need another excuse to talk about flying? That's what we thought.

PrepAIR gives you that new chance. A simple concept, but rare in our industry - face-to-face communication between pilots, air traffic controllers and industry professionals. Sharing the same classroom, together for the same reason: to learn from each other and ultimately become better prepared at what we do.

Dynamic. Interactive. Free. Applicable to all permit and licence holders, from RPP to ATPL, and fixed wing to rotary pilot. Our one day seminar series is certified by Transport Canada, and we were awarded the top aviation safety initiative in the province in 2016 by the British Columbia Aviation Council. 


Because of you - our users, participant numbers and feedback from past PrepAIR seminars have been overwhelmingly positive. Last year we were audited and received Transport Canada two-year pilot recency accreditation for our PrepAIR YYJ seminar, a certification that is now inherent to every PrepAIR one-day seminar regardless of time and location. We are equally proud of the announcement that PrepAIR founders Darlene George and Simon Dennis, on behalf of all that have been involved in the creation and presentation of PrepAIR, were selected by the British Columbia Aviation Council as recipients of the Back and Bevington Air Safety Award for 2016. This recognition is given annually by the Council to the most significant contribution to aviation safety in British Columbia.  

We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and an acknowledgement from such industry partners as Transport Canada and the British Columbia Aviation Council is a testament that we are on the right track. It inspires us to greater heights and we realize that none of it is possible without your continued support. Our sincere thanks - we are truly grateful. 

Congratulations to Darlene and Simon as recipients of the Back and Bevington Air Safety Award for their work in developing PrepAIR. Very well deserved! I have found [PrepAIR] to be very informative and interesting, especially in gaining a better understanding of our complex airspace and expectations of the various ATS units. Meeting the controllers and FSS staff provides insight into their world and creates a personal element to the voice on the radio. I have become more confident flying through our local airspace.
— Alan Johnston, PrepAIR YYJ 2015 and 2016 participant

We are all part of the same picture.


Ultimately, PrepAIR is about providing the BC aviation community with a new mode of communication, a new item on your pre-flight checklist. We offer you a seat at a table that you've never sat at before and through your participation the role you play in aviation's big picture becomes clearer. Through interaction with fellow pilots, from students to airline professionals, with controllers, and with other industry professionals you will realize we are all ultimately peers dynamically connected by aviation.  We share the same classroom in the air and now, we will share it on the ground.  Effective eye-to-eye communication between participants in an increasingly complex picture. Your seat awaits.

Ready to join the conversation? Please explore not only our seminars and roundtable discussions on offer, but the rest of our website as well, including our YYJ Tower Customer Service Survey, yet another way that us at NAV CANADA and PrepAIR are reaching out locally. 

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to helping you fly prepared.