There is always the need for constructive discussion. Less structured, shorter duration and more frequent than our seminar series, OpenAIR fills the need of an ongoing dialogue between local pilots and air traffic control. These three hour sessions will be held approximately every two months at the Victoria Airport, and be hosted by a YYJ tower air traffic controller. They will be based around an open question and answer session at which users can ask their host anything of relevance with regards to local flying procedures, airspace, and communications. The discussion will be flexible and largely unscripted, with the intent to promote further conversation and idea sharing after each question is asked. Approximately half of the allotted three hours will be dedicated to this open forum, so arrive prepared to contribute with your questions in tow - we know you have them, and this is your chance to be heard. Through not only your own participation, but listening to what your fellow users have to say, we are confident you will fly away having learned something new. Each question period will be prefaced by a summary presentation from NAV CANADA, including a local procedural review, pertinent news and updates, and a dissemination of the latest YYJ Tower Customer Survey results. And, as with all PrepAIR events, OpenAIR will be completely free of charge. All we ask is your participation. 

If you are looking for a welcoming, informal atmosphere at which to network and realize the part you play in your local aviation community, your seat at OpenAIR is, indeed, open. 


The discussion has begun - thank you to all inaugural OpenAIR participants.

February 11th saw the lift-off of PrepAIR's first OpenAIR event, an animated discussion and presentation attended by a full class at the Victoria Flying Club. It was a lively and constructive dialogue concerning numerous local topics between an engaged variety of local pilots and one equally energized tower controller, and thanks to your participation, it is a dialogue that has only just begun.

It was great to be able to discuss and give feedback on airport-specific issues for my home airport in a friendly, collaborative meeting. It gave me valuable perspective on activities around the airport that I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.
— Rob Prior, February 2017 OpenAIR participant

Missed joining us the first time? Don't worry, OpenAIR will return soon.

We are here to not only facilitate its start, but as importantly continue the dialogue between us, so please stay tuned for an announcement as to when our next OpenAIR event will occur - we promise you won't have to wait long. Sign-up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop when details are confirmed, or to start the conversation sooner with your questions or comments, contact us now.

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Registration will open again when our next OpenAIR date is confirmed.