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We see the need for a vast leap upwards from the 'rust-remover' of years past - remember that vague lecture between a sole industry representative and a group of sleepy pilots you may have once attended? We are not that. What we are at PrepAIR is one of many users in aviation searching for a greater appreciation of the bigger picture. Each of us - be that a pilot, air traffic service employee, airport worker, or any number of other roles within our industry - is a unique part of the dynamic picture that is aviation. We constantly interact in a complex environment yet until now have not been provided other accessible means to communicate and truly appreciate each other's roles respective roles. Knowledge - be that learned for ourselves or about others - is power. 

We want to know more about you. We want you to know more about each other. And we want us all to learn how to be better and therefore safer at what we do. We believe you do too.