PrepAIR was created in 2015 by Darlene George, manager of YYJ Tower and YWH Flight Service Station, and Simon Dennis, YYJ Tower air traffic controller. Representing NAV CANADA, and wanting to do something in its name to engage the local aviation community in a way that had never been done before, they proudly used the support, resources and reputation of their company to inspire PrepAIR's creation. PrepAIR is created as a both a brand that can continue to forge its own path, but will always have its foundation based and supported upon the strength of one of the world's most respected air navigation services providers. 

We are motivated by the knowledge that in aviation, every user is uniquely connected and a part of the same picture, often more than we realize. From controllers, to airport authorities, to pilots, to everyone in between, opportunities to interact with each other and understand the role we respectively play are limited at best. We seek to change that. PrepAIR is created for you, the local user and pilot, but it is much more than just a refresher of pilot information. It is a call to come together, to provide you with new points of view, to meet and communicate with those that you normally wouldn't have the chance to, conducted in a welcoming atmosphere that will not only increase your knowledge, but leave us all with a greater sense that we are a part of broad and inherently connected community.  There are very few industries that are separated by such a satisfyingly minimal degree of separation, and we capitalize on NAV CANADA's role as a facilitator to further this close connection. We believe in the value of connection, of the communication that can emerge from it, and from what we can each learn from each other. Whether you are a student pilot, life-long aviator, or anyone in between, we are confident you will fly away from a PrepAIR event feeling indeed more prepared, and a more inclusive part of the aviation community.

PrepAIR began with a one-day pilot refresher seminar held at the Victoria International Airport in the spring of 2015. Our goal: to provide local pilots a free, applicable, and easily accessible forum through which to ready themselves for the busier flying seasons. We wanted to use the existing pilot refresher model, but to turn it on its head, so we set out to make PrepAIR more professional, more interactive, and more accessible than any refreshers that we knew of. We wanted to create not only an event, but a brand. Something to become known, and something to last. Ultimately and of utmost importance to us, we wanted to create a new way for users in local aviation communities to come together and communicate, and for each to have an equal voice.

 Building on the very positive response we received from that year's event, PrepAIR grew in 2016 with another seminar at YYJ, presenting to a larger audience with expanded material, a new roundtable format, and Transport Canada accreditation. In 2017, PrepAIR will see further growth, with our original one-day seminar format expanding to three new locations throughout BC, and the creation of a new roundtable discussion series called OpenAIR. As always, every PrepAIR event will be free of charge, include a variety of topics pertinent to all experience levels, a diverse presenter group, and more discussion, participation and inclusion from you than ever before.

Please take the time to explore our website, learn all about our upcoming seminar events and inaugural roundtable discussion, and discover how you can realize your part in your local aviation conversation. A more connected aviation community is a more educated community, a more prepared community, and ultimately a safer one.

That's PrepAIR.