Meet the people behind PrepAIR.



Darlene George - manager, YYJ Tower and YWH FSS, PrepAIR co-founder

In May of 1993, Darlene began her aviation career working for Transport Canada (NAV Canada was founded Nov 1, 1996) as an air traffic controller at Pitt Meadows Tower.  After a couple of moves she eventually landed at Langley Tower spending the better part of her career as the Unit Operations Specialist.

In 2009 she accepted a Regional Training Specialist position at the Vancouver ACC. Training has always been a passion for Darlene and being the lead instructor responsible for training tower controllers within the FIR was the catalyst for leaving active controlling. In March 2013, Darlene accepted a management position at Victoria Tower.  She believes that management has its challenges and its rewards, one of the best rewards being the pilot support for safety initiatives like PrepAIR.

Like Simon, Darlene is committed to reaching out to all pilots, in particular those involved in general aviation, learning from their best practises and improving their overall experience of flying into our local airports. This desire to communicate directly with local users was her primary inspiration towards the creation of PrepAIR.


Simon Dennis - YYJ Tower ATC, ATPL pilot, PrepAIR co-founder

Simon’s career in aviation began as a student pilot in YYJ. During this time he earned his PPL, CPL, multi-engine IFR and instructor ratings, and eventually his ATPL. He then spent the next 5 years teaching aviation to students at the Victoria Flying Club and Pro IFR, conducting in-flight training, simulator training, and groundschool instruction.

In 2013, after pursuing job opportunities with both Cathay Pacific Airways and NAV CANADA, he chose and was accepted into NAV CANADA’s ATC tower training program - a decision rooted both for lifestyle, and for a strong passion for ATC developed during his years of instructing. After completion of his initial ATC training in Vancouver, he was posted directly to YYJ tower for on the job training, which lasted for 13 months before achieving his full qualification in August 2014.

Simon strongly believes in reaching out and giving back to the local flying community, especially because he now controls amongst the very same community that gave him his start in aviation. PrepAIR is one way to reconnect, and like Darlene, feels it is our obligation at NAV CANADA to do so.


PrepAIR would simply not be possible without the support of numerous others, both within and outside of NAV CANADA, that have graciously offered their time and expertise to make our initiative happen throughout BC. If you attend one of our seminars, we hope that you will have the time to meet as many as possible, and extend to them your sincere thanks as well.