Congratulations to Darlene and Simon as recipients of the Back and Bevington Air Safety Award for their work in developing PrepAIR. Very well deserved! I have found [PrepAIR] to be very informative and interesting, especially in gaining a better understanding of our complex airspace and expectations of the various ATS units. Meeting the controllers and FSS staff provides insight into their world and creates a personal element to the voice on the radio. I have become more confident flying through our local airspace.
— Alan Johnston, PrepAIR YYJ 2015-2017

All in all a well organised seminar and event. A great networking opportunity, I will attend again.
— Aubrey, Prepair zbb 2017

Excellent event. Vancouver airspace is very congested and extremely complex. Review of hot spots (not just for runway incursions) would be welcome by the pilots in the area.
— Eric, Prepair ZBB 2017

I just want to say that the event achieved so much! Thank you to all the organizers and presenters. I came away enthused and eager to continue learning. This is an event that I will attend at least annually if offered in the region, not just for the currency requirements. Your good efforts will make for better and safer private pilots.
— Anonymous, PrepAIR YCD 2017

I felt it was useful, meaningful and well planed. A great variety of presenters with relatively short and to the point presentations All in all excellent. Something for everyone, new knowledge, refresher knowledge and stuff for aviation buffs. Thanks. Food just fine, enthusiastic employees to meet our needs.
— Anonymous, PrepAIR YCD 2017

I think you’ve all done a splendid job - no one talked too long, the AV was good, there were enough breaks to avoid restlessness, and very nice food and drink. A most enjoyable and informative day. Kudos to you all!
— Anonymous, PrepAIR YYJ 2017

Thanks again for such an excellent professional program. It is worth its time in gold!
— Terry, PrepAIR YYJ 2017