Seminars | What to Expect


The heart of PrepAIR will always be our day-long pilot refresher seminars. Occurring at multiple locations around BC each Spring, they are designed, planned and presented to our highest standards. Each seminar we offer is:

  • Free and all-inclusive. It is essential to us that PrepAIR be available to everyone. In every way. It costs you nothing, and includes access to all presenters, activities, resources, plus the all important coffee, snacks, and a full catered lunch.
  • Held on convenient times and days. Each seminar runs from approximately 0900-1500 on either a Saturday or Sunday, ensuring enough time for a variety of topics and presenters, but not so long as to take up your entire weekend day.
  • Welcoming to everyone. Whether you are a student pilot or ATPL. An airport employee or air traffic controller. Shy or bold. PrepAIR will only be the best that it can if the broadest possible spectrum of participants are in attendance. We promise, whoever you are, there is something at each of our seminars for you.
  • A variety of formats. From whole-group presentations, to smaller group activities, to interactive question and answer sessions - each seminar ensures that you do not just sit in the same old seat all day.
  • A diversity of presenters. Our industry and even outside-industry presenters will keep you informed and entertained throughout your day at PrepAIR. We work very hard to choose those that offer you the greatest diversity of expertise from a variety of backgrounds, all coming together to bring their broad expertise to a local setting. Most presenters you will know about in advance, but there may just be a surprise guest along the way as well!
  • Focused on both local and wide-ranging topics. Sometimes aviation keeps us close to home, and sometimes it takes us far from it. We want our seminars to reflect this. Each will offer numerous location specific topics that we know you all want to know more about - those procedures, updates and future plans that apply to your day to day operations. Yet in addition, every seminar will offer topics and presenters intended to bring larger ideas and perspectives, so that you may benefit wherever aviation may take you. 
  • Transport Canada accredited as a recurrent training program. Your attendance for an entire seminar means you will leave with having met the two-year Canadian Aviation Regulation recency requirement as detailed here. Certified proof of attendance will be provided to you at the end of the seminar. 
  • Access to exclusive resources. Before and after each seminar, we will post important resources to use both on the day and afterwards, exclusive to course participants.
  • Fly-in friendly. Each seminar is held at an on-airfield venue, meaning we encourage and welcome as many participants as possible to fly-in. Have your own aircraft? Know someone else who does? Why not put your existing area knowledge to work on the way in, and then your newly refreshed and learned skills to the test when you takeoff at the end of the day. Ample free aircraft parking will be available at each venue.
  • New connections. If there's anything consistent about users in aviation, it's that they like to talk about aviation. A lot. And the more we talk, the proverbial six degrees of separation seems to become more like two. We gladly exploit this at PrepAIR, and guarantee you will leave our seminars more networked than when you came. A large, and at the same time small world, indeed.