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Hangar #180 (aka Chris George's Hangar or the "Jet Hangar") - 18799 Airport Way

Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 0A7



Arriving by Vehicle:

Please use the above address to navigate towards Hangar 180, and reference the map below. Permitted free parking areas for the event include the Pitt Meadows Airport parking lots (both labelled on map, just to the north east and east respectively of Chris George's Hangar - aka Hangar 180 ), or parking at Maxcraft Avionics Hangar further to the east. Please do not park at the small lot directly south of Hangar 180 itself as this is will create a traffic bottleneck and is also the area of the hangar where the pedestrian entrance will be so we want to keep it clear. Look for PrepAIR signage upon arrival to any of the parking areas to guide you.


Arrival by Aircraft:

Upon arrival request taxi to the general aviation ramp and park in any available spot (any colour labelled on the map below with a '+'). If unfamiliar, request progressive taxi and state that you are attending PrepAIR, and ATC will assist you. 


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YPK PrepAIR a:c parking.png




0800 - 0830 | Registration, Meet and Greet, Coffee


0830 - 0845 | Welcome, Introduction, Housekeeping


0845 - 0930 | How Do You Prepare For A Flight?

Sgt Daniel Verret - Joint Rescue Coordination Center


0930 - 1015 | Flight Planning

Andrew Graham - Kamloops Flight Information Centre


1015 - 1045 | Break


 1045 - 1115 | Guest SpeakerA Long Range TAF

Johanna Wagstaffe - Meteorologist, CBC News


1115 - 1200 | Transport Canada


1200 - 1300 | Lunch


1300 - 1430 | Tower Tips

Various NAV CANADA representatives from lower mainland control towers


1430 - 1500 | Risk Management - A Pilot's Perspective

Chris Georgas


1500 - 1530 | Q and A, Certificate Issuance, Closing Remarks