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Pacific Sky Aviation Inc.

Hangar 51, Victoria Airport | 1141B Kittyhawk Rd | North Saanich BC |  V8L 5V6


Arrival by aircraft:

After landing and upon contact with ground control, request taxi to "Pacific Sky". If you are unfamiliar, please say so (advising that you have arrived for PrepAIR), and ground will provide you with progressive instructions. Upon arrival at Pacific Sky, there will be volunteers  from Pacific Sky to guide you to parking areas, as indicated in the image above. Once you have secured your aircraft, volunteers will direct you airside past the FedEx hangar to Hangar 51, where PrepAIR itself is being held. There will be an airside entrance to Hangar 51 and all aircraft parking is free of charge. There will also be two commissionaires on site for the duration of PrepAIR to ensure the aircraft and parking areas are secured. 


Arrival by vehicle:

Upon turning onto Kittyhawk Rd, please park in any of the designated free red parking areas. Please note Hangar 51, where the seminar itself is being held, is on the other side of the FedEx hangar from Pacific Sky Flight School. Vehicle parking will be available both directly outside of Hangar 51, in front of the Pacific Sky office, as well as on KittyHawk Rd.


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0830 - 0900 | Coffee and Snacks (provided by NAV CANADA), Meet and Greet


0900 - 0930 | Runway Safety

Darlene George, Manager YYJ Tower and YWH FSS - NAV CANADA

Mike Garraway, Manager Safety and Emergency Services - Victoria Airport Authourity


0930 - 1030 | SMS Overview, Pilot Errors, the Top 5 Enforcement Issues and Follow-up Processes

Dave Gagliardi - Transport Canada


1030 - 1045 | Break


1045 - 1200 | Incidents/Accidents Response and the Search and Rescue Process

Capt. Richard Szegidewicz, Canadian Armed Forces - Joint Rescue Coordination Centre


 1200 - 1245 | Lunch (provided by the Victoria Airport Authourity)


1245 - 1400 | Participant Choice: Local VFR Weather or Local IFR Procedures

(you will participate in the presentation you selected during registration)

Simon Dennis (VFR Weather), and Jason Grist (IFR Procedures), YYJ Tower ATC - NAV CANADA


1400 - 1430 | Terminal Tips

Adrian Taylor, YJ Terminal ATC - NAV CANADA


1430 - 1500 | Tower Tips

Simon Dennis, YYJ Tower ATC - NAV CANADA


1500 - 1530 | Question and Answer Session

All Presenters


Closing Remarks and Certificate Issuance


The Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) tell us that every two years, pilots must complete a recurrent training activity. In order to satisfy this requirement, pilots can choose one of the following activities:

  • complete a flight review with an instructor;

  • attend a Transport Canada safety seminar;

  • participate in a Transport Canada approved recurrent training program;

  • complete the self-paced study program available each year in the Aviation Safety Letter;

  • complete a training program or pilot proficiency check (PPC) required by Part IV, VI or VII of the CARs;

  • complete the requirements for the issue or renewal of a licence, permit or rating; or

  • complete the written exam for a licence, permit or rating.

PrepAIR YYJ is a Transport Canada accredited recurrent training program, and attendance will ensure you are in compliance with the CARs two-year recency requirement. Certified proof of attendance will be provided to you at the end of the seminar.

To review the applicable TC CARs pilot recency requirement, click here.


Commit to prepare.